Katie and casey lenn

Katie and casey lenn


In 2016, I turned 30 years old.  I graduated from RCTC with my Liberal Arts degree, and I started to get the itch to begin a new adventure. When my wife suggested I start my own business, it took some thought.  I had been a massage therapist working at massage chains for nearly ten years, and it was time to see where this business could take me next.  With my experience and the knowledge I had gained during my schooling, I decided that- if I was able to start my own business- it would be my priority to provide a better experience to each and every client.


With most large, massage chains, you pay for an hour-long massage and ultimately only receive 50 minutes of massage.  This is so the business can be sure you are out the door for the next person to be taken from the waiting room exactly on the hour.  If that means cutting your massage, that’s what will happen.  It’s what allows them to file people in, and file them out just as quickly to make the most amount of money possible.  Then, if it’s a membership-driven business, you are put in a position where- after your relaxing massage- a receptionist is trying desperately to sell you a membership when all you want to do is pay and get on your way.  This whole practice never seemed very personal or client-oriented to me.


There is a demographic of massage-goers, though, that want more and decide to venture outside the chains.  In Rochester, if you want that personal massage experience without the harassment of purchasing a membership, you end up having to pay much more for a very similar service.  The businesses that appealed to me most were those that held true to their propositions, and provided great service to their clients.  The wheels in my head continued to spin.  If I could ever afford to open my own business, my goal would be to provide a quality massage, tailored to the client, for the full amount of time advertised, and at a rate that was affordable and competitive.


In May of 2017, Post Town Winery presented me with the opportunity for “Revival” to truly begin.  The space was available and a perfect setting for a relaxing massage experience, and the timing could not have been better.


So, I have decided to take a leap of faith, believe in myself and my skill, and put my efforts into providing the best massage experience in town.  I have been a Certified Massage Therapist for more than 10 years and have practiced and perfected various types of massage, including: Swedish, Deep-tissue, Prenatal, Relaxation, etc.  I have also had the opportunity to be employed by two massage chains in town, meet a lot of great people, and provide coaching to up-and-coming therapists.  Massage therapy has opened the door for me to develop my own professional career path, support my family, and learn something new each and every day.


I’m also a real person.  I’m married, have a daughter, enjoy running, and have an affinity for wood-working, tattoos, and comedy.  I mow my own lawn, am the primary laundry-doer at my home, and truly care about personal health.  That doesn’t mean drinking green smoothies each morning, but it does mean trying to drink more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, and carving time out for myself- and giving my wife the opportunity to do the same.  It means showing gratitude to my friends and neighbors and putting my best self out there each and every day.


If you’ve decided you and your money are worth getting the best experience out of your massage and finding time for yourself, come take a leap of faith with me.  At Revival, you get to choose your massage, choose your appointment day and time, and even choose your music.  So, choose the best.  You deserve it.